Les Pâtes vivantes — Paris, Maubert

A fairly authentic Chinese noodles restaurant in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

22 Boulevard Saint-Germain

75005 Paris

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The noodles are home made and the room where the chef makes the noodles is open to the main room (through a glass). They also have other dishes (haven’t tried them, though) but they specialty is obviously noodles, sautéed like these with vegetables and beef, 12 euros (see the small beer bottle and glass around the plate for scale — pretty substantial):

or the same with vegetables and chicken, 11 euros:

or in a spicy soup, 9.50 euros (again look at the glass for scale — that’s a large bowl!):

I wouldn’t say these are my absolute favorite Chinese dishes but as far as noodles are concerned I wouldn’t know better in Paris, especially with home made noodles. Safe choice!

Update: some more dishes from the same restaurant.