Chez Shen — Paris, Arts et métiers

This is one of the many Chinese restaurants located in the “rue au Maire” near Arts et métiers in Paris. It is not particularly good but has a great deal of choice, is pretty cheap, and the overall quality is really decent, perfect for a quick daily meal.

39 rue au Maire

75003 Paris

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Their “mapo doufu“, 5 euros, is a bit dryer than it usually should be (I don’t think you’re supposed to even be able to eat it without a spoon:

It’s not bad at all, although a bit unorthodox with its peas and sauce with a taste of tomatoes. The “suan la tang” (Beijing soup, 3 euros) is rather large (as are all the soups here) and quite good, though probably not as dense as it should be:

Now some vegetables, “chao cai xing“, 4 euros (no idea what the English name of this vegetable is), really good and not that usual in most”Western-style” Chinese restaurants:

Another soup, “yuwantang” (fish soup, 4.5 euros), really good as well, quite large and tasting a bit acidic like Thai soup use to:

Check: total 16.50 euros (for 2).

Update: three additional dishes (woops, forgot prices), the very Chinese chicken feet,

Very speical but Chinese people love it! Now two more Western style dishes, sweet and sour chicken with rice (“tang cu ji fan“),

and pretty much the same, but with fish instead of chicken (“tang cu yu fan“):